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June 25, 2018                                                          

The Fremont Company brings Budweiser Brewmaster’s Premium Sauces, Frank’s Kraut, and Paisley Farms Bean Salad to 2018 Fancy Food Show

FREMONT, OH –The Fremont Company is bringing world famous bean salad, barbecue sauce, and sauerkraut to the table at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show. Throughout the four days of this year’s event, the Javits Center will be home to sweet, spicy, tangy, and smoky flavors from three of The Fremont Company’s top brands: Budweiser Brewmaster’s Premium Sauces, Frank’s Kraut, and Paisley Farms.

A “must taste” we are showcasing is our Budweiser Brewmaster’s Premium Sauces. Recognized as the #KingOfSauces, our Budweiser Brewmaster’s Premium Sauces have recently launched with all new taste and packaging. Choose between our five sauces:

  • Classic, with its authentic Kansas City flavor, made from a unique blend of spices, Budweiser beer and a “kiss of smoke.”
  • Sweet & Smoky, a bold sauce straight from the smokehouse.
  • Honey, a sweet, sticky, and oh-so-good sauce with a touch of honey, Budweiser beer and its own special spice blend.
  • Sweet & Spicy, a spirited sauce with a little sweet and a little heat from molasses, brown sugar, Budweiser beer and spices.
  • Bold & Spicy, a bold, one-of-a-kind sauce that offers a hint of heat, a wallop of spice and Budweiser beer.

Sauerkraut lovers will find flavors from sweet to tangy when they sample our Frank’s Kraut, which has a variety for every pallet. The # 1 brand in the Midwest, this amazing sauerkraut has been made the same way, from the same home-style recipe, and fermented in the same oak barrels, since 1905. Stop by Booth #1145 and sample our fan-favorite Sauerkraut Salad.

Stop by and taste our Paisley Farm Bean Salad and see if you agree with reviewers who say that it is “as good as or better than homemade.” All Paisley Farm ready-to-serve products are guaranteed to have garden fresh flavor. Our most popular five-bean salad will be available this fall in 24 oz jars, along with new bean salad flavors. Colorful and delicious, all of our bean salads can be served as side dishes at family picnics or at gourmet banquets. They can also be enjoyed straight from the jar as a healthy snack.

The Fremont Company is proud to present these truly American products. As with all of our brands, we pride ourselves on our product quality and attention to detail. Stop by booth #1145 during the 2018 Fancy Food show to check out these flavorful, premium products.

About The Fremont Company

Established in 1905, the family-owned Fremont Company is an award-winning international expert in manufacturing tomato-based sauces, fermented and pickled vegetables, and other specialty foods. Headquartered in Fremont, Ohio, the company markets and distributes store brand and branded food products to customers worldwide, including private brand ketchup, Budweiser Brewmaster’s Premium Sauces, Frank’s Sauerkraut, and Paisley Farm. Visit for more information.