Made with only three ingredients—cabbage, salt, and water—Frank’s Kraut is gluten-free, low calorie, and a tasty addition to any family meal. Authentically made with the same recipe since 1905!

So why Frank’s Kraut?

  • Affordable ingredient to add something new and exciting to your menu
  • The reuben sandwich is 4th most popular sandwich in America (
  • Kraut is very versatile – use it as a topping, prep it as a side or make it the main course
  • Appeals to a variety of tastes – meat lovers, vegetarians/vegans and gluten-free eaters

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Item Description
UPC Code
Case Pack
Unit Size
Case Wt.
Case Dimensions
Frank’s Quality Kraut Singles 0 34300 00015 6 100 ct. 1.5 oz. 10 lbs. L11.8 x W9.8 x H 8.6
2 lb. Poly Bag 0 34300 00035 4 12 ct. 2 lbs 26 lbs L14.4 x W9.0 x H7.95
5 Gallon Pail 0 34300 00009 1 ct. 5 gal. 43 lbs L12.25 x W12.25 x H15.25
Kraut Juice 0 34300 00014 9 12 ct. 14 oz. 13 lbs. L11.85 x W8.875 x H4.375

Frank’s Quality Kraut Singles

Sauerkraut’s first ever individual portion pack. Conveniently packaged in 1.5 oz. packets. Use it as a menu add on. Can be served heated or at room temperature and single serving sizes make use easy and waste and mess free!

2 lb Poly Bag

Instead of #10 cans, choose the convenience and safety of 2 lb. poly bags. No metal shavings or hands in cans. Bags open faster – save time and money! Lighter cases and easier storage – no bulky cans to take up large amounts of storage space.

5 Gallon Pail

Use this for larger batch recipes and quantities.

Kraut Juice

All natural just like the kraut. Just cabbage, juice and salt. Use it to create your own recipes or add it to dressing, dips and hummus, marinates and more!