The Ketchup Experts

As a leading ketchup manufacturer in the United States, The Fremont Company has manufactured and distributed private brand ketchup worldwide for over 90 years.

We specialize in meeting the unique demands of our domestic and international partners through innovative strategic planning solutions. To learn more about our private branding process, please click here.

  • Superior quality national brand equivalent ketchup made with California tomatoes
  • Low value price to create incremental profits
  • Clear PET bottles with red bottles available for large volume opportunities
Ketchup Case Weight Cube Pallet Pattern Cases Per Pallet
16/15 oz Inverted (375ml/425g) 17.27 lbs 0.5 15×7 105
12/20 oz Inverted (500ml/567g) 18.0 lbs 0.48 15×6 90